Margaret Haley’s work embraces acoustic resources in a range of forms and forces. Often achieving an esoteric aesthetic, particularly in her instrumental projects, Margaret’s visual approach is tempered by her desire for shaping sounds.


Born in Coventry, UK, in 1954. Margaret began her musical life at the age of seven by receiving piano and music theory lessons before discovering a real passion for classical guitar, which she practised with relish.


Already an established freelance music teacher Margaret Haley embarked on further academic study as a mature student at the University of Huddersfield. On completion of her music undergraduate course (2000) she was appointed instrumental teacher of guitar for Wakefield Music Services (September 2000-December 2004). This post afforded an opportunity to write original material specifically for guitar ensembles, which she directed in public performances. Margaret’s burgeoning interest in contemporary music led to more in-depth compositional study. Firstly, for her Master of Arts degree, as a result, she achieved an overall distinction alongside the prestigious postgraduate music prize in 2003. And, secondly, in 2010 she was awarded a PhD in composition, in partial fulfilment of her portfolio of compositions her thesis: Drawing Sound in Time: A Commentary on my Recent Music investigates a visual approach. In particular her work shows a concern for developing mapping techniques as a means of skeletal construction, prior to staff notation.